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Save time and money through our mediation services

Are you facing a lengthy litigation process that's costing you time and money? Don't take the stress of a tedious legal process. Resolve your disputes without going through complex legal loops. Take advantage of our efficient mediation services. No matter what legal dispute you are facing, our attorney at Wilkens Law Office will strive hard to ensure satisfactory dispute resolution.

Find some comfort and resolution through mediation rather than going through a painful and expensive litigation process.

Your mediation will be confidential and our attorney will serve as the neutral third party mediator. Whatever your dispute is, our experienced attorney will make sure appropriate legal measures are taken to help both parties reach an amicable resolution.

Get the experienced legal help you need

• Saves money and time

• Neutral third party serves as mediator

• Confidential

• Dispute resolution


Why should you choose our mediation services?

When you work with an efficient and qualified general practice attorney, rest assured your case is in expert hands!


Receive time off bill if services are retained.


Get in touch with us today to schedule your consultation.



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